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Dutch Arabian Horse Society mandates CA testing ! - viewed 4076 times PDF Print

On the 28th of May 2010, the Dutch Arabian Horse Society, AVS, voted at the AGM to implement and expand mandatory CA and SCID testing in their regulations.

As soon as the direct CA test becomes available as an inhouse test at the van Haeringen genetics laboratory, the following mandatory actions will become in effect:

  • All newborn foals will be tested on CA and SCID at the same time DNA parentage verification is done. The results will be permanently entered in the horses' passport for life.
  • All new breeding stallions will be mandatory tested on CA ( and SCID but this  was already mandatory) and carriers will not receive a breeding license.
  • All currently existing breeding stallions will not be granted an extention on their license until they are tested on CA and their CA status will be published.
  • Owners of breeding mares are encouraged to test voluntarily.
  • All DNA testing has to be done on parentage verified DNA samples to ensure that the results are unequivocally related to the correct horse