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BREAKING NEWS (updated 15 january 2011)

Research carried out at the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) by Drs. Leah Brault and Cecilia Penedo has identified a mutation that is associated with CA.  This mutation is now part of the CA test being offered by the UC Davis VGL.  This is an important advancement, as it moves the currently available CA test from a marker based screening test to a more fully developed DNA test.
For horses already tested by the UC Davis VGL, all cases from CBA492 onwards have already been tested for the mutation.  The UC Davis VGL will be retesting all cases reported as CA/CA (affected) and N/CA (carrier) before CBA492 and the clients who submitted the samples in question will be updated.  There will be no charge to owners for this retesting.  N/N (clear) cases will not be retested.  This retesting applies only to samples tested at the UC Davis VGL.

For more info go the the website of UC Davis at http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/CA.php