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1 Australian Registry requires mandatory testing of CA (and SCID and LFS) for breeding stock !
2 Suspect CA Carriers
By Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio (22/09/'10)
The video clips on this web site are a component of the third edition of Veterinary Neuroanatomy and Clinical Neurology by Alexander de Lahunta and Eric Glass and published by Elsevier in 2008.
Danish translation of the article by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio "CA - Suspect Carriers" written in english and updated in Sept 2010
5 Oct 2010 Update AHA Genetic Disorders in ArabianHorses
Updated article on all genetic diseases in Arabian Horses with thanks to the original author, Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio, and to Emma Maxwell for her additional input
6 2009- Penedo / Brault - CA abstract Refinement Locus ECA2
7 06 April 2005 - Contributo Patologio Equino CA Italy
8 Cerebellaire Abiotrofie
Dutch written article on CA by Gideon Reisel
10 Article on Shagya Arabians and CA
Article of Shagaya breeder and owner Chris Evans to the ASAV (Shagya Arabians Registry)
11 The Horse Genome Project: Its Effect on Genetic Testing
The Horse Genome Mapping started in 1995 with less than 50 genetic markers on the equine map and only several genes were mapped to chromosomes.
12 Cerebellar Abiotrophy: A Review (May, 2010)
Cerebellar abiotrophy (CA), also referred to as cerebellar cortical abiotrophy (CCA), is a genetic neurological disorder in animals.
13 Knowledge to action
Report by Dick Reed of the CA symposium at Scottsdale 2010
14 AHA new code of ethics provisions and the law
20 Feb 2010. Discussion paper Written by Paul Husband, specialized in Equine law
15 Genetiska sjukdomar
Jan 2010. Article about Genetic Diseases in Arabian Horses by Anette Mattsson [Swedish]
2009: Prof. Dr. Ottmar Distl / Virginie Lampe
14 Jan 2009: Luz Gonzales
18 Arabian Essence Article
13 Jan 2010: Arabian Essence article: Cerebellar Abiotrophy by Dr. Giovanna Romano, Centro Equino Arcadia, Vigone (TO), Italy.(in english)
19 Arabian Horse World (1)
Hot Topic 2010: New Resolutions Require Disclosure of Cerebellar Abiotrophy and Lavender Foal Syndrome Carriers (by Scott Benjamin and Beth Minnich)
20 The Horse Dot Com (4)
28 Feb 2009 Press Release: Article - Annoucement of Genetic Task Force - Free to join and read
21 The Horse Dot Com (3)
23 Sept 2009. Article - Announcement of diagnostic test by: Robert S. Johnson - Join for free to read
22 The Horse Dot Com (2)
12 Feb 2009: Press Release. Article - Equine Researchers close to identifying genetic mutations - Join for free to read
23 The Horse Dot Com (1)
15 Dec 2008 by Jennifer Walker. Article about the disclosure of Marajj being a CA Carrier - Join for free to read
24 Arabian Lines.com - CA Info
Dec. 2006 Cerebellar Abiotrophy by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio, Dr. Gerber and Dr.Leeb. University of Bern closed research as of Feb 2008.
25 Arabian Magazine collector's edition 2009
An article about CA by Anette Mattsson
26 Hanover TiHo Article on CA
Translated into English by Irene Noll
27 Searching the genome for an explanation
28 Cerebellar abiotrophy in a 6-year-old Arabian mare with delayed diagnosis
29 Inheritance of cerebellar abiotrophy in Arabians
30 International Curly Horse Association encourages CA testing
Research study conducted by UC Davis tested 1845 horses of 31 breeds, including 143 Curly horses that were not out of the same sire or dam. Of those 143 Curlies, 8 were found to be carrier of the CA mutation associated with CA in Arabian horses, meaning they have one copy and are not affected with the disease. These 8 carrier (N/CA) Curlies all traced back to a popular Arabian stallion used in the 1960's to build up the breed according to UC Davis.
32 Preservation Without Prejudice
Preservation Without Tragedy
Managing Genetic Disorders (What Comes After Testing)
Article from the Khamsat magazine by Beth Minnich