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CA Affected horses are only those horses which express clinical signs of CA. Otherwise they are Carriers (N/CA) or Clears (N/N).

Wobbler Syndrome Video-clips: (for comparison to CA, CA/CA, Affected)
Wobbler disease is also known as cervical vertebral instability, cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM), and cervical vertebral malformation (CVM). CVM is the classic form of the wobbler syndrome and is produced by spinal cord compression at the cervical (neck) level. It is a disease characterized by an abnormal gait in the front and/or hind legs. It is referred to as "wobbler" syndrome, as the horse may seem wobbly when walking or exercising. Because wobbler's is the best known of the neurological conditions that affect horses, other, unrelated conditions, such as Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) and Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) are sometimes misdiagnosed as wobbler's, even though the causes and symptoms differ.

  • (Wobbler Horse)
  • (Wobbler Horse after Surgery with some signs remaining)
VIDEO of EPM Affected Horse for Comparison of Clinical Signs:
For comparison the following is a video-clip on a 6 year old palomino AQHA stallion diagnosed with EPM. Note that he has ataxia with extreme weakness in the hind end. He stumbles and falls. His forehand is under control, unlike a CA affected horse which has little control over its forelimbs.
  • (EPM diagnosed horse)

VIDEO-CLIPS of CA Affected Foals/Horses:

  • # (2 mos. Colt, 2004 (Spain)
  • (2 mos. 2004 colt, revised 2009 (Spain)
  • (Suckling foal with CA, 11 Oct '09 (Denmark)
  • http://www.kullatorp.com/eng/ca/ca.htm (Chadidja Medina from Kullatorp Arabian Stud (Sweden).
  • (CA/CA Affected Fillly from 1992 (Switzerland)
  • (Jhuliaa CF CA/CA Affected, 2 years old Cafra Arabians (Germany)
  • (2 Year old filly, 9 Oct 2007 (USA)
  •  (CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy) affected mare - 20 years old)
  • (CA/CA Affected filly, 25/4/2010, the Netherlands)

CA Affected filly @ 1 week old CA"S are normal at birth. gsarrow's filly. (USA)

Polish/Domestic Affected @ 4 (USA)

Polish/Russian Affected. Note wide base stance (Germany)

Polish/Crabbet Affected Colt (USA)

Spanish CA Affected mare @ 3 (Spain)

Little Gipper (Canada)

Spanish Affected Yearling Filly (USA)

Affected Partbred Filly (USA)